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tw: fat shaming, maybe ED?

So today I saw a doctor about my back problems and my toe pain and she spent the entire time telling me it was because I’m overweight and need to eat less. Nevermind that this problem started when I was in ‘good shape’ when I worked in a warehouse and was very muscular and did lifting. Never mind that the toe thing is literally just an ingrown toenail that my family is fairly prone to. Nope, it’s cause I eat too much. So I pointed out that I’m basically barely eating these days because I don’t have the time and I’m too tired to cook properly and that for the last few weeks I’ve had one small meal a day and a few bags of crisps. And by small I mean tinned ravioli by itself. And before that wasn’t much better. And she said that if that were true, I’d have lost more weight by now. My weight was recorded when I first joined this surgery about 7 months ago at 11st 10 and i’m now 11st 6.

Definitely not seeing that doctor again. I think my back actually needs looking at. I don’t want to just be prescribed ‘maybe it’s time to think about joining a gym’.

  1. thezombiesaid said: My friend has the same shit happen to her. Since she was really little she’s had a problem with her knees, but every time she explains that to the doctor they still just tell her to lose weight and come back to them. Do your fucking jobs damn it.
  2. lancrebitch reblogged this from campdracula5eva and added:
    omg you could walk in with your arm hanging off and some doctors will go “so, your weight…”
  3. curiouskitty said: Not to mention that basically starving yourself (I consider that to be only consuming a meal a day) doesn’t mean you’ll actually lose weight. It actually crashes your metabolism which in long term slows weight loss. Such a smart doctor.
  4. southcarolinaboy said: doctors are lazy as fuck, just able to use bigotry as an excuse.
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