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If you are uncomfortable with white afabs following you drop me a message and I'll unfollow you.

Help me stay alive? I'm currently in a pretty rough financial situation. I'm looking for work, but until I get anything, it's going to be incredibly tight. (Alternatively, message me for my paypal email).

I also have an eBay store, with all kinds of awesome things on it! Come have a look and see if anything takes your fancy!

I am Cyd.

I look like this.

My nsfw blog is cydisnotsafeforwork. I would link it but the link keeps fucking up.

Queer as fuck

They/them pronouns please.

Pretty much everything else is in 'the basics'.

I am white and afab so if I fuck up at checking my privilege and being inclusive, and if you are willing, do let me know.

This blog posts all kinds of things.

Ask box is always open. (x)ist comments will be called out and laughed at.

If you follow me and you have specific triggers that aren't commonly tagged, by all means let me know.



the reason people think that only/mostly gay men are pedophiles is that the only time pedophilia is really demonized in the west is when its towards boys; sexual attraction towards young girls (or bodily features/clothing used to indicate youth like pigtails and school girl uniforms) by straight men is encouraged and seen as healthy and normal

Wow. Never heard that connection made before. Seems obvious now.

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