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People without autism (or, allistic folk): Please stop ruining my tracked tag.

I’m autistic. Yes, that’s right, a real live autistic adult who’s using the internet unsupervised. So, unsurprisingly, I’ve tracked the autism tag to find other folks on the spectrum to follow, etc. But y’all are really fucking the tag up. The vast majority of the posts tagged ‘autism’, are really fucking offensive to most of us autistic activists. Oh, and that’s people with autism who are autism activists, not allistics who try and get us cured, by the way. On a side note, please stop calling yourself ‘autistic activists’ or ‘autistic parents’ when you don’t actually have autism.

Anyway, you allistic folk in my tracked tag feel the need to post, generally, four common kinds of things that most of us angry angry auties don’t really like to see that much. These are:

  • "My child was ‘stolen’ from me by autism, my life is terrible, my child is a burden"
  • "Vaccines are pure evil. They cause autism. WAAAAA BIG PHARMA!!!!"
  • "All autistic people are geniuses and are special snowflakes and are wonderful! I’m a good autistic parent!”
  • "Here’s a picture of an autistic kid. Look how terrible his life must be! Hope you feel guilty about crying over Harry Potter!”

And seriously, y’all need to stop. Let’s look at what’s wrong with these kinds of posts:

  • Your child is a human being with feelings and emotions just like you. They may not express themselves quite how you’d like, and yeah, your selfish cookie cutter dream of having a kid to best your sister’s kid or to live through is long gone, but stop treating them like a punishment. Learn to realise that your kid is actually a cool little person.
  • The studies linking vaccines and autism have been debunked. Especially the MMR one. Stop buying into conspiracy theories. For that matter, stop acting as though dying of measels is a better fate than being autistic.
  • Saying all autistic folk are magical or whatever is like saying all Asians can do math. It’s still offensive and it’s still a stereotype. Some of us are geniuses, some of us are lovely people, yes. But like with allistic folk, some of us aren’t geniuses, and some of us are assholes.
  • People with disabilities and medical conditions do not exist to make you feel better about yourselves. Stop that.

Now, think about this, go and read up about how fucking evil Autism Speaks is, and stay out of my tracked tag with this shit. I swear I’m getting a goddamn embolism every time I read that thing.

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    Every single time I see “autistic parent”, I have to remind myself that people don’t mean “I’m a parent, also I’m...
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    YES Goddamn I hate people who try to give a shit about Autism without knowing shit about it. 8| I don’t have it too bad,...
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    Absolutely all of this. And, to expand on the vaccinations, the man who published the initial study linking autism to...
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